J Gabeler Photography

Professional stuff: 

  • I have a BA in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography and Digital Media.
  • I have been shooting weddings professionally for 4 years now, and shooting general portraiture for 8 years
  • My regular 9-5 is working as a photographer for Vistaprint
  • Shooting weddings is something I do because I absolutely love portraiture, I love weddings, and I love capturing the happiest moments in a person's life.
  • I am super fun to work with!

Personal stuff:

  • I'm a home grown Rhode Island girl, now living in Boston. I love to travel but there is something so special to me about New England: it will always be home.
  • I spent 5 years living in the mountains of Vermont and my career as a photographer was born there.
  • My mom and my grandmother are two of my best friends and travel partners
  • I love spooky things, red wine, flashy gold jewelry, stinky food, The Misfits (see spooky things), political satire, art and art adjacent things, and people who can teach me how to make things with my hands.
  • I'm a big NPR fan. Tom Ashbrook, if you're reading this, my answer is "Yes, I will happily be a guest on On Point".
  • I have a dog whom I am quite proud of, I'll show you plenty of photos of her next time we hang out 
  • I might cry at your wedding :) The father-daughter dances always get me!

So if you want to chat more, just drop me a line! Jessica@JGabelerPhotography.com

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