Jessica Gabeler. Photographer. Designer. 

Professional stuff: 

  • I have a BA in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography and Digital Media.
  • I have been shooting weddings professionally for 3 years now, and shooting general portraiture for 8 years
  • I have been working as a full time graphics professional for 4 years.
  • I am super fun to work with!

Personal stuff:

  • I'm a home grown Rhode Island girl, now living in Boston. I love to travel but there is something so special to me about New England: it will always be home. I spent 5 years living in the mountains of Vermont and my career as a photographer was born there.
  • I used to live in the South, and though it was brief, it was life changing. I think I discovered my passion for art and design when I lived in New Orleans. 
  • I'm a big NPR fan. Tom Ashbrook, if you're reading this, my answer is "Yes, I will happily be a guest on On Point".
  • I have a dog whom I am quite proud of, I'll show you plenty of photos of her next time we hang out :)

So if you want to chat more, just drop me a line!

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