Hannah and Alex's Cape Cod Wedding

I must admit, the most difficult part of putting together this blog entry is articulating how much these two people love one another. 

So, I decided to let Hannah do the talking on this one:

"It was two years ago tonight that Alex returned home from his deployment in Afghanistan. It is as vivid a memory as one could possibly be. Their arrival was set for 2am. An entire gymnasium full of excited children, anxious wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, tirelessly waving American flags between their nervous fingers. I admired the interactions between families, smiling and crying, hugging each other in celebration. I watched as people readied themselves, fussing with the children’s hair, fussing with their own, sitting and then standing and then sitting again, completely unsure of their preference. It felt as if I was looking in on someone else’s life, certainly not my own. I was suddenly captured in this beautiful bubble that was pressing at the seams, about to explode with emotion. And then they came home… when he walked in the room I had almost completely forgotten that this wasn’t something I was just bearing witness to, it was actually happening to me. The entire year apart, every struggle and every concern, just buzzed out of focus. This was one of those moments that you keep every second of, the kind of moment that changes a person. What can I say, it just gives me the feelies." -Hannah, words shared in July of 2016

I can't help tear up when I read that.

They held their wedding at their home in Welfleet Massachusetts. Hannah and Al's personality is dripping all over this day: the references to his career as a fisherman, her rustic-chic style, and their mutual love of music was everywhere. They made every detail personal and unique, and I loved every second of sharing their day! 

And keep your eye out for their amazing hand-made arbor! 

Hannah knew how nervous Alex would be, so she surprised him by spontaneously changing her processional song to his favorite: Soul Finger! She and her parents danced down the aisle, and Al couldn't keep the smile off his face 

The reception was a fisherman's dream! They created a seaside buffet complete with vintage seascape paintings and reclaimed glass-wear.

After cocktail hour they made a quick get-away to the beach in a Mustang convertable

And then it was time for emotional speaches, hilarious toasts, and lots of dancing!

When Sarah told the story of how Al "got the girl": 

Kathleen and Josh

I got together with Kathleen and Josh in early June to snap some photos to commemorate their engagement. We met up at their family home in Vermont and were walking the property with their two beautiful border collies when we immediately stumbled upon a momma dear and her little baby! Luckily the dogs didn't notice :)

Josh and Kathleen grew up down the road from each other and when I asked if they had always been in each others lives I got a "yes" and a "no" from the respective parties! They laughed and explained that Josh and Kathleen's older brother had been long time friends, but that Josh always just saw Kathleen as his buddy's little sister... That is, until they grew up and fell in love... Too cute! 

I can't wait for the wedding, we're just a few short weeks away!


Colleen and Reed

I met Colleen and Reed a few years ago after they moved to Killington. Right away you could see how perfectly this couple complimented one another- his quick wit, and her quirky sense of humor are the perfect yin and yang :)

These guys are super outdoorsy; you can often find them hiking, camping, snowboarding, or even mountain climbing! We set out to Kent Pond this past Sunday and did a quick photoshoot that reflects their passion for the great outdoors, and of course, each other. 

I can't wait for their November wedding! 


An Autumn Afternoon in the Mountains

A few VERY important contributors to this fabulous day:

Florist: Birds of a Flower joined us for this shoot and created the most gorgeous arrangements, bouquets, garlands, and fine details. If you're getting married in Vermont you'd be crazy to hire anyone else!

Venue: The Foundry at Summit Pond; a dream location with amazing views, food, and have you see the fire places? This place is picturesque Vermont elegance. 

Hair/Makeup and Jewelry Design: Amy Carr, who HANDMADE that head piece you see Tiffany wearing

Desserts: Deb Poplawski is the best in the bizz

And of course, Garren and Tiffany :)


Crissa and Nick

Crissa, one of my best friends in the world, is getting married!

I got to go spend a weekend with her and her fiancé in Maine this past weekend and we had such a great time. Our other great friends, Abby and Tom, joined us for a few days of outdoor adventuring and a quick tour around Portland. I learned about Thai chili peppers, wild mushrooms, fish farms, and how to make home made rope. I also got to peer into what Nick calls his "box of nice things" which is basically filled with natural discoveries and creations... Ask him about it, you won't be disappointed. 

Sitting lake-side with great company, cocktails in hand, and home made food all weekend; what's not to love? Nick and Crissa are both incredible chefs, so you know that last part was amazing :) 

Enjoy a few images!


Heather and Jack

I absolutely love weddings, and it totally goes without saying that I love taking photos too. Wedding photography just makes sense for me, plain and simple. Video on the other hand... well that's not something that I have a lot of experience with. Or any, really. So recently when I had a friend approach me about making a wedding video I was very nervous! 

Fortunately, Heather and Jack made it very easy :)  Their love is tangible, and The Mountain Top in is a stunning location for a late summer wedding. The song that accompanies this video is by John Prine, and was Heather and Jack's first dance song.

Enjoy my first venture in video making! 

Nicole and Travis

Nicole and Travis got married this August in my home town of Jamestown, Rhode Island in a beautiful ceremony that overlooked the ocean. Their wedding was relaxed, romantic, full of friends and family, and they even had their own "Ross and Rachel"- AKA the groom's sister and bride's brother :) 



Ashley and Charlie

I have to say that I am beyond grateful for my amazing family. I not only have great parents and siblings, but I also have some pretty incredible cousins. Two of these cousins have served as mentors, partners in crime, and great friends: sisters, Ashley and Elizabeth. This August, Ashely got married to the love of her life and father of her amazing son. They had a quiet and intimate ceremony at the West Chester County Court House in PA, with a perfect reception dinner to follow. I tagged along as guest, photographer, and party enthusiast :)




Sarah and Jason

Sarah and Jason arrived in Killington this spring ready to get hitched! Though they're based in Stamford CT, this couple has a lot of Killington soul; they met right here in the Green Mountain State! Their wedding was personal, romantic, and above all else, it was really fun! I really loved photographing this couple, especially because of the way Sarah lights up when Jason makes her laugh. Documenting that kind of truly authentic love is such a special honor!

Megan and Joe's Killington Wedding

Megan is an amazing woman who I have known in Killington for several years. She and her amazing husband, Joe, fell in love in our gorgeous Green Mountain state and cultivated an incredible family. Their son is the center of their life, and their wedding on top of Killington peak totally reflected that! They plan on having a large wedding celebration in warmer climates later this year, but wanted to have a small ceremony at home. I am so honored to have been present at their wedding, enjoy the photos!

The Roberts Family

My first family photo shoot took place almost a week ago now... And it was beautiful!

I first met Hunter (Sr) 3 years ago when I had moved to Killington VT, and not too long after Danielle entered his life. This guy seriously lite up every time he talked about this incredible woman! They dated and fell in love, moved to NYC, got married, and this New Year's Eve they had their first baby. Quinn Elisabeth, welcome to the world!


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My Best Friend's Wedding...

"Friendship happens at that moment when one person looks at another and says 'What? You too? I thought I was the only one'" - CS Lewis

It is with the sentiments of empathy, humor, and loyalty that Jess and Mike started their friendship, fell in love, and are now beginning their lives together as husband and wife. They laugh at the same jokes, cry the same tears, and fight the same fight. They truly understand one another, and they deeply, deeply love.

Those of us who know them well, know that there do not exist two better people to call friends. The steadfast love that they feel for each other is echoed in the relationships that they have with everyone they touch.

We started the day with butterflies in our stomachs and silly jokes on our tongues, and we ended with legs tired from dancing and smiles tired from laughing. This wedding was a long time coming, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who "totally called it" from the start...

Contributing Vendors:
Bailey Sullivan- Makeup
Laura Philbrick- Hair
Norman Bird Sanctuary- Ceremony
Maher Garden Center- Flowers
Andria Bird- Dress


Happy Anniversary :)

Happy one year anniversary to me! Well, to me and my camera, really. It has been one year working in the wedding photography game. One crazy year of twists and turns, rustic Vermont settings, glowing brides, nervous grooms, overtired ring bearers, snow storms, broken lenses, over exposed images, mini road trips, and a few little rain drops. 

I'm starting my blog in honor of this little anniversary of ours, so stay tuned for updates from us :)