Hey there, I'm Jess!

I'm a home grown Rhode Island girl, now living in Boston. Newport is my hometown and I try to get back to "the island" as often as possible. I love to travel but there's something so special to me about New England: it will always be home. I spent 5 years living in the mountains of Vermont and my career as a photographer was born there. I have been shooting weddings professionally for 5 years now, general portraiture for 8 years, and my regular 9-5 is working as a studio photographer for a global online retailer.

I have a BA in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography and Digital Media. Shooting weddings is something I do because I absolutely love portraiture, I love weddings, and I love capturing the happiest moments in a person's life.

A few personal notes (get ready for some non-sequitur ramblings)

I'm an extremely curious person which makes me pretty bad at small talk. I love: spooky things, the ocean, cooking, dry humor, red wine, flashy gold jewelry, political satire, art and art adjacent things, stinky food, salty food, spicy food, and people who can teach me how to make things with my hands. I grew up on a small island where I rode horses and learned to sail (I’m not good at either). I wear 10 tiny little rings everyday, one on each finger. I'm really interested in interior design, though I can't claim that I have any skill. I always want to play a board game. I really love music and my favorite song changes all the time. I love punk rock and hip hop, but really don’t like country. I'm a big NPR fan and can typically be found listening to podcasts. I think it’s totally fine to stay up until 4am working but my boyfriend does not agree. Khaled Hosseini is my favorite author. I do not want to build a snow man (sorry, I hate the cold). I have a really hard time turning down a dare. I want to eat Thai food at least once a week, and I'm one of those odd people who LOVES tofu. Jeff Bridges is my celebrity crush. I would love to meet you for a maple latte, or a 32oz IPA. I have a dog whom I am quite proud of, I'll show you plenty of photos of her next time we hang out.

And I really love photography.