Film Inspired Photo Editing


I am one of those rare birds that is both passionate about film and in love with digital editing. I absolutely adore the experience of pushing my creative artistry with shooting film, and the quiet serenity of digital processing. I have developed my own system of film matching: I gravitate towards the look and feel of Fuji 400 film and try to match that aesthetic in my digital work.

I want to work with other hybrid photographers who want to build a lasting, strong relationship with an editor. Our goal will be to create a consistent and cohesive look, while having a ton of fun along the way!

Outsourcing your digital editing will allow you to deliver weddings faster, spend more time being creative in your business, and spare you from those long hours in front of your screen. The more time you spend away from your screen, the more time you can spend serving your clients! Let’s kick your client experience into overdrive!


Wedding Retouching


Commercial Retouching


Above: Glasses glare removal. This is a high-end retouching technique that involves digital painting and highlight recovery.

Right: Stray hair removal. This is a high-end retouching technique that involves digital painting.



Shoot me a quick email with a few key details and we can schedule a consult. We’ll talk about you and your photo style, what your clients value the most in your work, and how I can make your postproduction workflow a total joy!

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