Margaret and Gary

In the days leading up to our wedding, everyone kept telling us the same thing: "Stay in the moment as much as you can--your actual wedding day goes by so fast." We heard this wisdom in the south, where we met, in the midwest, where we share stomping grounds (and now reside), and in the northeast, where we tied the knot. While this advice might be read as a clichéd suggestion, "cherish the moment" exists for a reason: it is universally applicable. After weeks and months of planning, the wedding day flies by (perfectly, I might add--don't stress, it will be perfect!). And in the midst of your thoroughly conceptualized wedding festivities, the thought WILL cross your mind: "Hey, I want to take this in for a MOMENT!" And if you're lucky, "Who are these people and why do they keep handing me champagne?" At some point between family photos and cocktail hour, or between dinner and dessert, you'll want to look into your partner's eyes and say, "We're married! How awesome is that?! (Also, wasn't all of this wedding planning worth it? We knew this would be worth the headache... and look at this stunning celebration! We're the best couple to EVER marry! Hey, Jess, did you get that? We kissed for the hundredth time--we can do it again.)"

When you plan your wedding, you hope to have beautiful moments. Jess not only captures these beautiful moments, she facilitates them. For one thing, Jess confirms your suspicions that your wedding is spectacular. Jess captures those details to which you paid extra attention--a centerpiece, the angle of your stance at the alter, the arrangement of the tent in relation to natural lighting--and you really get the sense that she knows what you were going for when you planned this wedding. Most importantly, Jess not only documents your special day, she actually makes it special by giving you and your partner time to be together and celebrate your union. When I told Jess that we didn't want to spend too much time taking photos, she was incredibly understanding. On the day of, she was efficient, economical, and most importantly, mindful of our vision. Obviously, I was psyched to have Jess Gabeler on board the day of the wedding, but now, three months later, I am still grateful that we had Jess to document our joy and the joy of our friends and family in a manner that felt authentic and celebratory. I should mention that I requested candid shots of our reception, and my family was amazed by the special moments that Jess captured. The photos told stories, as though she knew our families for years.

I want to add that Jess Gabeler Photography's services were super user friendly. All of the photos are accessible online, and we loved waking up to a preview of our wedding photo album! Seriously! It was so fun to wake up the morning after our wedding and see about a dozen beautiful photos of our ceremony and reception. Naturally, the wedding was beautiful in my mind, but I was excited to see that I wasn't just dreaming. I get the sense that Jess worked on our photos overnight, as I had access to them by 6 am, and I must say that my whole family was going wild over the photos at brunch a few hours later.


Christine and Kesh

We are not picture people, so we were definitely nervous about picking the right photographer. We wanted someone who would make us feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera and we found this with Jess. From our first conversation to the wedding day itself, Jess made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. It was like working with an old friend, and she was able to make us feel relaxed in front of the camera. The investment of using Jess as our photographer was completely worth it. Having a small wedding and being simple people, we were looking for a couple great shots.

Once we received our images we were blown away at how Jess was able to capture not only the day, but also how she was able to truly capture who we are. Our favorite part of our photography experience was getting to spend the day working with Jess. She fit right in with both of our families, was incredibly organized, kept everyone relaxed, and was able to interact and laugh with us and all of our guests. Our family and friends commented throughout the day - and still to this day - how awesome Jess was. She was so down to earth and got along with everyone that she really became part of the day instead of just behind the scenes.

We would 100% recommend Jess - and we have - to anyone looking for an awesome and affordable photographer who delivers stunning images and does an unbelievable job of not only capturing the day, but also who you are as a couple.


Christine and Mike

When looking for a wedding photographer the most important thing we wanted was candid pictures. We really wanted a photographer that would catch everything "In the moment" per se. When my husband and I began looking through the photos Jess had taken we knew she was the one, all of her photos were candid, natural, and did not have the "staged" appearance!

The moment we received our photos back we could not wait to go through all of them! We were so happy and relieved that Jess literally captured everything! My mom had said she was disappointed that she didn’t take any cell phone pictures of the decor, certain guests, family shots, etc, but once she looked through all of our photos she was so happy to see that Jess had captured everything!

Our favorite part of the photography experience was how natural and effortless it all felt. Jess was never intrusive and there was never a time that we felt that we were inconveniently being pulled away. We have continued to receive positive feedback on all of our photos, our friends and family thought it was nice to not feel pressured for staged photos. 

Jess was so easy to work with and made sure to get all of the photos we had requested. She went above and beyond to ensure that our experience was relaxed, everyone was comfortable, and all of the pictures were genuinely us! I can not thank Jess enough for all of the candid moments she captured that we will always cherish and look back to in the future.

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Kathleen and josh

Our main concerns when booking a wedding photographer was cost and the professionalism of the photos themselves.. I had an idea of the style I wanted our photos to be in and was very nervous that whoever we found would not capture what I wanted. Jess was incredibly professional and she captured what I had in mind, and more, in our photos.

We love going to our wedding album and looking through these amazing moments that Jess had captured for us. Her images are gorgeous, and stimulate memories perfectly. When we look through our photos, we can feel the excitement and love that filled our wedding day through these images..

Our favorite part of the photography experience is seeing the final images. Jess handles an otherwise slightly awkward situation with ease. She has a natural way of teaching and coaching you through certain poses or moments so your photos come out just right. Not only that, but Jess is fun, hilarious and one of the kindest people I've ever met. Neither of us knew what to expect, but Jess was confident and took control without being overbearing or pushy. She makes the entire experience easy.

Taking family photos is not an easy task. Our two families combined is at least 30 people, and that's a fairly small family. Jess was organized and confident. She had me brainstorm prior to our wedding day who I wanted to get photos with and in what groups. When the day came, she took control to get us through the sometimes painful process of group family photos. In this task, she is super women. Jess gathered and organized our rambunctious family (who had already started happy hour, not making this easier for her) and took our group shots quickly and efficiently so everyone could get back to the party.

Beyond worth the investment. Jess is dedicated, immediately makes you feel comfortable and most importantly she listens to what is a priority for the couple in capturing their wedding day.


Erin and Ryan

We had heard horror stories of pushy and rude photographers, or ones who interrupted the ceremony to get the shot they wanted, and we were a bit concerned that hiring a photographer might interrupt our wedding. Jess, however, was completely fantastic. She was kind but directive and got the whole family rounded up with no trouble at all. Everyone absolutely loved the photos she took, too!

The cost was a little more than we had expected or budgeted for in the beginning, but in retrospect, it was very well worth the investment. These photographs are our major record of our wedding, and we're so glad we had Jess take them!

Jess surprised us by quickly pulling together a selection photos and delivering it the next morning. We were amazed that she could edit them so quickly, and everyone absolutely loved seeing some of the photos so quickly! The photos got tons of compliments from everyone, and it was something we weren't even expecting!

Easy, professional, and perfect!