Hannah and Alex's Cape Cod Wedding

I must admit, the most difficult part of putting together this blog entry is articulating how much these two people love one another. 

So, I decided to let Hannah do the talking on this one:

"It was two years ago tonight that Alex returned home from his deployment in Afghanistan. It is as vivid a memory as one could possibly be. Their arrival was set for 2am. An entire gymnasium full of excited children, anxious wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, tirelessly waving American flags between their nervous fingers. I admired the interactions between families, smiling and crying, hugging each other in celebration. I watched as people readied themselves, fussing with the children’s hair, fussing with their own, sitting and then standing and then sitting again, completely unsure of their preference. It felt as if I was looking in on someone else’s life, certainly not my own. I was suddenly captured in this beautiful bubble that was pressing at the seams, about to explode with emotion. And then they came home… when he walked in the room I had almost completely forgotten that this wasn’t something I was just bearing witness to, it was actually happening to me. The entire year apart, every struggle and every concern, just buzzed out of focus. This was one of those moments that you keep every second of, the kind of moment that changes a person. What can I say, it just gives me the feelies." -Hannah, words shared in July of 2016

I can't help tear up when I read that.

They held their wedding at their home in Welfleet Massachusetts. Hannah and Al's personality is dripping all over this day: the references to his career as a fisherman, her rustic-chic style, and their mutual love of music was everywhere. They made every detail personal and unique, and I loved every second of sharing their day! 

And keep your eye out for their amazing hand-made arbor! 

Hannah knew how nervous Alex would be, so she surprised him by spontaneously changing her processional song to his favorite: Soul Finger! She and her parents danced down the aisle, and Al couldn't keep the smile off his face 

The reception was a fisherman's dream! They created a seaside buffet complete with vintage seascape paintings and reclaimed glass-wear.

After cocktail hour they made a quick get-away to the beach in a Mustang convertable

And then it was time for emotional speaches, hilarious toasts, and lots of dancing!

When Sarah told the story of how Al "got the girl":